After a very stressful time in my life, I had my first Reiki session from a friend. It relieved anxiety, healed what I no longer needed, and shifted my life into a new direction. I had another session, again with profound effects. I decided I wanted to bring these benefits to others, so I took my level 1 from this same friend. It was powerful, life altering and inspiring,  I decided to continue down this path and began to reach out to those who need healing.  


I am now a Reiki Master and have witnessed amazing changes within myself and in clients who received Reiki.  It is humbling and awe-inspiring. I am fortunate to be a conduit for healing energy and grateful for the trust of my clients.  I have embraced an ever-deepening belief that we can do so much more for ourselves, and for each other, with pure good-intent and love.

My hope is to continue to help as many people as possible through this gift.  I am honoured each time I work with this energy.  

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