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I am a licensed Indigenous Reiki Master living in Vancouver, Canada.  I have always had a penchant for working towards the betterment of others and have embraced Reiki as the deepest and most effective form of healing from pain of all kinds.  Reiki, by its nature,  also invites in positive change.  I work calmly with those suffering from past and recent traumas, am non-judgmental and compassionate.


Reiki is a form of energy healing that is gentle, powerful and has immediate effects. At it's best, Reiki is almost beyond explanation - meditative states, visions, and different physical sensations as energy shifts within you.  At its quietest, the mind will calm and physical pains will lessen or disappear.   Insights and messages often come through during the session for those receiving Reiki.

I smudge  (the burning sage, sweetgrass, or other medicine to clear negative energy) but will avoid this if you believe you will have an adverse reaction to the smoke.    


Distance Reiki works on the same principles as in-person Reiki with the same beneficial effects.  During a session, you will be asked to find a comfortable and quiet spot to receive your treatment.  You will feel the same energy and healing presence and will receive the same benefits as an in-person session. Once Reiki is flowing for your distance session, I feel energy flowing around me. In my mind's eye, I will see where Reiki's healing energy is needed.  


Please read the testimonials for  personal stories of clients about their  transformative Reiki experience.  Email me at to book your session now.

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