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I am a gifted First Nations (Indigenous) healer and Reiki Master living in Vancouver, Canada.

I work calmly with those suffering from past and recent traumas, am non-judgmental and compassionate.


Reiki is a healing technique that was founded in Japan.  It has gentle, powerful and immediate effects.  At it's best, this type of healing is almost beyond explanation - meditative states and different physical sensations as energy shifts within you.  At its quietest, the mind will calm and physical pains will lessen or disappear.


As I embarked on my journey to becoming a Reiki Master, other inherent gifts strengthen.  Visions and messages are now a regular enhancement to healing.  


Because Reiki is a form of energy healing, and energy is not restricted by geography, distance Reiki works on the same principles as in-person Reiki; you will feel the same energy and healing presence, and will receive the same benefits as an in-person session.


During a session, you will be asked to find a comfortable and quiet spot to receive your treatment. Once Reiki is opened for your session, you will feel energy flowing through you and feel a sense of calm.  

Whether your session is in person or via distance, you will be relaxed, renewed and grounded. I invited you to read the personal stories of clients about their transformative Reiki

experience on my Testimonials page.  

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