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Is Reiki Real?

After many years of working in a high stress job and after grieving the loss of my parents, I tried Reiki.  I had several sessions that gave me clarity, calmness and better health in all aspects of myself.  In fact, the change was so noticeable that I decided to take my Level 1 Reiki and embarked on my journey to become a Reiki Master.  I have not looked back and have been a Reiki Master, now enhanced by other spiritual gifts, for almost a decade. 

During this time, I have had almost unbelievable experiences of my own and have witnessed drastic changes in client, to the extent that I can only believe the Reiki/energy healing is real.  Some of these experiences are detailed on my Testimonials page.

What Does Reiki Feel Like?

While each session is unique, the most common experiences are to fall in to a semi-lucid, dreamlike state, for the body to feel heavy, and to feel energy moving through or being pulled from your body.   Others may enjoy a visual experience; at the least, seeing light moving behind what appears to be clouds, or seeing beautiful lights in different colours, to seeing faces of people they have known.  In addition to these physical sensations and states, there is an overall sense of calm, lightness and just feeling 'really good'.

How Do I Prepare for a Energy Healing Session?

There isn't much you need to do to prepare except wear comfortable clothing and, if you can, set aside time for yourself after a session.  It's a great time reflect, set goals and enjoy the overall sense of well-being. 

How Often Should I Receive Energy Healing?

The desire for energetic healing varies from person to person. Some come for long, deep sessions, such as cord cuttings, and return on an as-needed basis.  Others, and more popular, is to receive regular energy healing and have its consistent benefits.  This is especially true when recovering from traumatic events, past or present, or during stressful times.  I term this regular energy healing as "Spiritual Maintenance", similar to what going to the gym does for your physical well-being as less recovery time is needed from presents stresses and ailments.

Do You Get Tired After a Session?

The simple answer is no.  It is not my energy; I am a conduit that the healing energy passes and this process does not deplete my own energy.  

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