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"I had an extraordinary Reiki session with Jen Allan the night before my acoustic neuroma brain surgery.  Her skill in channeling energy left me feeling remarkably revitalized and prepared.  The surgery was a success, and I credit not only the incredible doctors and hospital staff but also the serene state Jen helped me achieve.  Amazingly, just one night post-surgery, I was brimming with innovative ideas for my suites.  Ten days into recovery, and I am progressing faster than expected.  Thank you, Jen, for being a pivotal part of my journey.  Highly recommend!


James B., Vancouver 

"I had been suffering from long covid for months.  I came to Jen for one session.  My lungs started clearing the day after my session with her.  I could smell and taste the illness of whatever was in my lungs for the next few days, and then I was completely clear, after months of being blocked.  I feel it was the Reiki and the Reiki Master that unblocked it and allowed it to get out of my system."

Mike A., North Vancouver

"I met Jen a couple of weeks after my father had suddenly passed.  We didn't know each other, but met at a mutual friend's gather (pre-COVID).  I was a wreck when Jen met me and she opened her space to me, making me feel safe and comfortable while I was experiencing immense grief with my father's loss.  I felt an immediate pull towards Jen.  I have been seeing her for emotional and physical healing ever since (over one year now).  Jen's ability to know and feel when someone is suffering (physically or emotionally) is extraordinary.  On more than one occasion, she has known exactly where on my body I am suffering without me verbally informing her.  I continue to see her, both in person and distance Reiki sessions.  Jen's natural ability to heal is something everyone should experience.  I am grateful for Jen being brought into my life as a a healer and a friend."

Maggie T., RN

"I was referred to Jen by Risa B., who I had great results with but who moved out of the country.  I am a skeptic myself, primarily in the healer's abilities, but I was blown away with Jen's energy and abilities.  In my first session, I felt hot threads being pulled through my head and noticed temperature changes and physical and spiritual relief and a kind of spiritual lightening.  I knew she was the real deal and she even played an instrumental role in helping me reconcile my relationship with my wife.   I highly recommend her and hold her in high regard.

Masoud S. - Vancouver, Canada

"I was extremely fortunate to be the recipient of distance reiki from Jen.  I had a cancer diagnosis that required radiation and surgery. Distance reiki not only helped me cope with the treatment process, I sailed through the surgery and recovery after receiving distance reiki the evening before my surgery - I did not have any problems coming out of the anesthesia and I did not require any pain killers because there was no pain! During the reiki sessions, I felt surrounded by love, and after the sessions I felt a sense of peace and inner calm that lasted for days.  Today I am cancer free! Oh, and by distance, I mean that I am 2,511 km away from Jen."


Vicki T.  - Kenora, Ontario 

"I've been working with Jen regularly for over 6 months now, and I can't recommend her highly enough.  She is friendly, open, great with communication, and an excellent practitioner.  I have had huge shifts in my life since integrating reiki into my lifestyle - especially in the areas of joy, empowerment, and healing.  Thank you, Jen!

Kristen C. - Vancouver, Canada

"Jen has a strong gift of energy and healing talent. She confidently sets the tone in the room, which makes me feel able to relax and be cared for. I can readily reach a meditative state in her presence and interestingly phenomenal energies manifest. There’s no denying the powerful heat energy coming from her hands.
I encourage people to experience reiki with Jen Allan."

Karen L. - Vancouver, Canada

"I was left speechless, weightless and am currently floating at a good space.  Jen, I am so thankful I contacted you when I did. I felt you in my room and as I was coming out of the deep I remembered you were on the other side of the world!  The healing process had already begun here, but you just fast-tracked it!"

Nat M. - Sydney, Australia

"Jen has worked on me many times over the years, and her energy work is healing and holistic.  She has consistently brought balance when I need it, even remotely at times, and her comprehensive approach leaves me supple.  Highly recommend her Reiki services, as she is an experienced healer; Jen is talented, attentive and brings peacefulness and prosperity"

Mark C. - Vancouver/Montreal

“I came into Jen Allan's Reiki session very organically and it was exactly what I needed.  Her session was warm and welcoming and allowed me to become grounded with a sense of lightness and more hopeful for my tasks at hand.  Her presence was warm and she spent the time to talk through the session once completed.  I truly enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend to others dive into themselves with the help of Jen Allan."  

Alex W.  - Vancouver, Canada

"The first time I had Reiki with Jen, I felt energy passing over me in waves.   The second time, the energy surrounded me.  Every time I see Jen, I leave feeling energized and relaxed at the same time.  Heaven!"

Susan M. - Vancouver, Canada

"Its like sunshine coming out of your hands!"

CM - Vancouver, Canada

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