"I was extremely fortunate to be the recipient of distance reiki from Jen.  I had a cancer diagnosis that required radiation and surgery. Distance reiki not only helped me cope with the treatment process, I sailed through the surgery and recovery after receiving distance reiki the evening before my surgery - I did not have any problems coming out of the anesthesia and I did not require any pain killers because there was no pain! During the reiki sessions, I felt surrounded by love, and after the sessions I felt a sense of peace and inner calm that lasted for days.  Today I am cancer free! Oh, and by distance, I mean that I am 2,511 km away from Jen."


Vicki T.  - Kenora, Ontario 

"I've been working with Jen regularly for over 6 months now, and I can't recommend her highly enough.  She is friendly, open, great with communication, and an excellent practitioner.  I have had huge shifts in my life since integrating reiki into my lifestyle - especially in the areas of joy, empowerment, and healing.  Thank you, Jen!

Kristen C. - Vancouver, Canada

"Jen has a strong gift of energy and healing talent. She confidently sets the tone in the room, which makes me feel able to relax and be cared for. I can readily reach a meditative state in her presence and interestingly phenomenal energies manifest. There’s no denying the powerful heat energy coming from her hands.
I encourage people to experience reiki with Jen Allan."

Karen L. - Vancouver, Canada

"I was left speechless, weightless and am currently floating at a good space.  Jen, I am so thankful I contacted you when I did. I felt you in my room and as I was coming out of the deep I remembered you were on the other side of the world!  The healing process had already begun here, but you just fast-tracked it!"

Nat M. - Sydney, Australia

"Jen has worked on me many times over the years, and her energy work is healing and holistic.  She has consistently brought balance when I need it, even remotely at times, and her comprehensive approach leaves me supple. 

Highly recommend her Reiki services, as she is an experienced healer; Jen is talented, attentive and brings peacefulness and prosperity"

Mark C. - Vancouver/Montreal

“I came into Jen Allan's Reiki session very organically and it was exactly what I needed.  Her session was warm and welcoming and allowed me to become grounded with a sense of lightness and more hopeful for my tasks at hand.  Her presence was warm and she spent the time to talk through the session once completed.  I truly enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend to others dive into themselves with the help of Jen Allan."  

Alex W.  - Vancouver, Canada

"The first time I had Reiki with Jen, I felt energy passing over me in waves.   The second time, the energy surrounded me.  Every time I see Jen, I leave feeling energized and relaxed at the same time.  Heaven!"

Susan M. - Vancouver, Canada

"Its like sunshine coming out of your hands!"

CM - Vancouver, Canada

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